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Penclawdd Primary School

Penclawdd Primary School

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Weekly HT Blog

Dear Parents/Carers,


Rights of the child : October - Article 25

Right to meet with friends and join groups


Parents' evening will commence next week on Monday and Tuesday, I trust parents and carers have made arrangements to meet with staff. Telephone consultations are also an option should parents /carers need this option . I am sure you are all looking forward to receiving feedback on your child's progress.  

We are looking forward to our Harvest celebrations next week. As you know our main celebration will be held in Tabernacle on 26th October at 10am.  We are very grateful to our Tabernacle Friends for welcoming us, once again.  If you are able; don't forget to bring in any tins/toiletries for the North Gower Food Hub , we would be grateful to receive these.


A special young lady …

On Sunday 29th October at 17.05pm Izzy will be appearing on CountryFile for a special episode called 

Ramble for Children in Need 2023. Please give it a watch. We are so incredibly proud of her. 


Swansea Council Keeping Safe OnlineTip of the week

Tip six warns of the risks of sharing account details with others, linking to a parent and carer guide on Hwb 

Click here for tip of the week


Shoe Box Appeal

Polite reminder that the decorated and filled shoeboxes will be collected from the school on 8th November.  Perhaps this could be a project for children over the half term holidays.

I will be decorating mine and filling with useful items for a small child. Remember items can be inexpensive. We are always grateful for your support towards this incredible charity. 


Social media 

It has been brought to my attention that some pupils in Y4,5 and Y6 have set up Whatsapp groups and are apparently using inappropriate language .


Please can I remind parents/carers the school asserts the following guidance:  


* The minimum age to use WhatsApp’s is 16 +.

* Pupils should NOT be adding contacts and creating groups for the purposes of sharing offensive posts with pupils.  

* Passing on offensive material is considered legally to be on a par with initiating it.

* Making multiple groups/ multiple Admins is inadvisable at best.  

*Should parents feel that their child is emotionally responsible enough to use apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and games like Fortnite etc, despite being considerably underage, we advise that you discuss this with your child and agree boundaries.  


Please be assured that your child’s emotional well- being is important to us and we are keen to work in partnership with parents on a range of digital concerns. During the year several E-safety lessons are taught and in addition the school police service has a teaching programme including such topics .  




Our key message  

Whilst we are duty bound to pass on any offensive material that is shared with us, our role is NOT to police the use of Social Media amongst pupils outside school.”


Roy`s annual pumpkin competition - design a face for the Halloween 🎃 pumpkin 


Children can enter this fun competition and donate 50p.  They need to design a pumpkin - please see the poster below. All monies raised will go towards outdoor play resources. 


Child's Play

Please see the link on our website to Child's Play.  If you need to make a booking please contact them on the numbers shown.

Child's Play


Calendar events

We have organised many educational class visits for children. All of which are in the school website calendar. 

Nursery - Harvest Celebration - 24th October 2023 - School Hall 11am start.

Nursery - Our First Nativity 1st December - further details to follow.

Nursery -visit to Gower Christmas Trees  December 15th 2023

Y3 - Y6 - Aladdin -  Millennium Centre Cardiff -7th December 2023

Rec - Y6 - INTOFILM festival Cinema visit - 8th November 2023 

Flu Vaccination date:  16th November 2023 - letters will be sent home after half term.


Friends of Penclawdd ( FoP)


FoP October Fest

On Friday 27th the Friends of Penclawdd have organised a disco. This will take place on the school playground 2pm - 3pm.  Children can bring in their halloween costumes or party clothes and change in school (please make this easy for children).  Treats such as drinks, sweets will be for sale and children will to bring in a couple of pounds.  In addition children may enter a pumpkin carving competition and bring them into school on Friday 27th October. The friends of Penclawdd will judge the best carved pumpkin and award prizes.  Please see the poster below.


Date for your diary - Christmas Fayre - 6th December 2023- more details to follow 


Health Visitor Drop In

Our local Health Visitor will be holding a drop in session at the school on Thursday 16th November 2023 - 8.30am - 11.30am


Fundraising for our school

Please help support us to raise funds for our wonderful pupils by purchasing a school lottery ticket. Please sign up here. 

The next draw is : 21/10/23 and the jackpot is £25,000 if you match all 6 numbers ! 


Community News  

If you have any news, please let Mrs Beynon know.



Have a fabulous weekend

Mrs R-M



Friday 22nd December 2023

Monday 8th January 2024