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Summer 2024

‘Land A’Hoy!’ Is our Summer Term topic and we started our topic with a wonderful engaging trip to Port Eynon.  We dodged the showers and did a beach clean, went rock pooling, sketched the natural landscape and of course made a crab out of the sand and rocks! We came back to school with umpteen ideas for our learning for this topic! 

Humanities, Health and Well-Being and Expressive Arts - our trip encompassed many areas of learning - take a look at our day at a very clean Port Eynon Bay!

Expressive Arts - We had a wonderful experience by having a teams meeting with our local artist Arwen Banning. Arwen discussed the Gower landscapes she uses as her focus and how she varies tone, brush strokes and how she makes different colours from her paints. This inspired us to make our own colours and choose different brushes. We cannot wait to revisit this at the end of summer term to see how our technique has developed through teaching and modelling.

Health and Well-Being - we have been super busy this half term perfecting our throwing technique and ensuring we have rotation and using opposite arm and leg. We have also had the opportunity through our ‘gardens’ to continue developing the fundamental skill of balance and jumping. We also did our own London Mini Marathon - running for a continuous 26 minutes! Staff LOVED it too. Outdoor learning is at the heart of our ethos and we have loved our downstairs woodland and upstairs woodland time - it allows us to be inquisitive and curious! We welcomed the School Nurses to teach Reception how to wash our hands properly and throughly. Yr 1’s discussed dental hygiene - we all have sparkly teeth! During this half term we have also thought much about mental health, talking about our feelings during our ‘Think Equal’ programme and knowing that we are in a safe and loved environment ❤️

Literacy - This half term we have allowed literature to fire our imagination and we have focused on our story book ‘Please, Mr Magic Fish’. Through drama we could understand how the characters felt, we used story telling actions to retell the story and we made our very own gratitude cards. We also made jelly (following instructions) and then ate the jelly in right royal attire just like the characters Jack and Liz in the story in their palace - we could understand that they felt posh - but we couldn't understand their lack of gratitude! This gave us lots to discuss! We also continue to love time in our school library with our parent helpers, guided reading and of course daily phonics and handwriting - we have such posh cursive writing emerging!

Maths & Numeracy - what a busy half term of learning! We have looked at multiplication and division - always kind in our class and sharing equally! We have discussed time and we continue to develop this tricky skill. We have our fish and chip shop to help with our understanding of money - we are cheap as chips!! Number bonds, odd and even and using IT to help us with our continuing developing skill of subitising. Busy, busy, busy!!

Science & Technology - This half term has allowed us to be curious, inquisitive, activate prior knowledge and ponder...lots! We looked at the lifecycle of a frog and we were able to do real life pond dipping in our downstairs woodland. The children now understand the lifecycle. We did a science investigation with our student teacher Miss Hughes - we used prediction skills and talked about what we would do next time in our investigation finding all about seaweed. With Mr Miller we have used our digital skills and also programmed Beebot with more complex directions. Of course we have time to explore our woodland areas and have broadened our understanding of habitats and micro habitats. Top learners!

Humanities - During Local History Month we looked at the shipwreck ‘Helvetia’ at Rhossili beach - we listened to the historical tale and then we acted out the story - we even made our own boat out of loose parts. We also drew the ship using our imagination. We also took time on our trip to look at the natural landmarks on the beach and talked about them and sketched them. This half term in our RVE lessons we have taken time to think about Christianity and the values surrounding this. We have looked at stained glass windows and made our own version. We have also looked at the Lords Prayer and we continue to develop our understanding of the values encompassed in the Christianity religion and will soon be looking at ‘Love thy Neighbour’.

Welsh - LLC. We continue to develop our love of Welsh - our language and our belonging. We have developed our understanding of where we belong by visiting Port Eynon and by asking our families to take us all on days out to our local areas. We always work on our ‘Wal Graffiti’ to help us remember our questions. We also love to sing! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿