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Spring 2024

Spring 2



We finished our topic by delivering an assembly to our families to share everything we have learnt about our topic ‘Splendid Skies’ . We developed our oracy skills to do this and we really were ambitious, capable and confident learners! ⭐️✨💫


We have learnt so much about space and astronauts during this topic and it was great to have our live link up to an Expert from the National Space Centre. We thought of some great questions which were answered and we thoroughly

enjoyed the experience! 


Maths and Numeracy 


We have learnt about multiplication and have been exploring arrays and practising counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We are now going to keep practising our Times Tables to continue our multiplication skills

Literacy, language and communication.


We have been learning about all the features of Information Texts . We now know the difference between a Fact and an Opinion! We loved reading Mrs Rees’ science magazines to explore all the different features. We are now working hard on writing our own information texts about ‘Splendid Skies’. 

We took part in a Readathon on World Book Day and read from the time we got to school until we went home! We have also enjoyed visiting our school library to choose more books for us to read! And, we have almost finished our class novel ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl, which we sometimes act out as we read which helps us develop a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and meaning. 






Science and Technology 


We celebrated British Science Week with a visit from Technocamps where we learnt about algorithms and coding.


We also took part in various activities during the Science Fair that our Science Sparks organised …it was great fun! We learnt about static electricity, repulsion and attraction with magnets and how electricity flows through a circuit. 



The Flow of Electricity

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We explored how electricity flows and how it needs a complete circuit to work!

We have been learning how to send an email and worked with our partner to send an email to PCSO Brown to let him know we would try and help him attract Beegu’s spaceship so that Beegu could return home safely to his family. 

Our Science investigation this term was led by us! We loved the experiment our peer demonstrated and we wanted to have a go ourselves but by changing certain variables and observing what might happen. We were able to think about the science behind it too and learnt about molecules, absorption, diffusion, solids liquids and gases! 


Health and Well Being

We have been enjoying being outdoors and creating our bird watching den .Can you spot us? 



Being outdoors is good for our well being 🥰

We have been putting our ball skills into practise by playing a football game and developing our teamwork and competitive skills. 



Expressive Arts


We worked in our House Teams during St David’s Day week and together, 

learnt a poem recital in Welsh, performed a Twmpath dance and sang our hearts out to our own versions of Calon Lan. What a wonderful celebration we had of our Welsh language and heritage. 

Spring 1 


Our Topic this term is Splendid Skies and we have been learning about important events in Space travel and finding out about life as an Astronaut. 

Being curious learners, we worked collaboratively to use our enquiry and exploration skills to research what it is like to live and work in Space. We also used our numeracy skills to create our own Space Timeline showing the main events through history. 



Maths and Numeracy 

We have been developing our addition and subtraction skills and have been exploring different strategies to help us solve these calculations. We have used number lines,  Base 10, Part-Whole diagrams , Numicon,  concrete objects , our fingers, drawings and our brains! 



Literacy, language and communication.

We have been firing our imaginations whilst reading the book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. We have been able to put ourselves within the story and empathise with the character. We made a new friend for Beegu and then wrote our own character descriptions. We had a range of creative responses through poetry, drama and hot seating and developed our narrative writing through the use of story maps. 

Science and Technology 

To celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen , we experimented with a solution of water, and vinegar and red food colouring to make some frozen hearts. We then added a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda to the hearts and observed closely what happened….the two mixture caused a reaction and there was melting and bubbles! 


We also took part in the RSPB Bird Watching campaign where we were able to identify and record the birds that visit our forest area. We will be using this data to create charts on JIT5. 

Health and Well Being

We have been enjoying lunch time sports club; embraced Children’s Mental Health Day by exercising our right to relax and play; had fun learning some sign language on Time To Talk Day to share what we liked; explored all different areas of our learning during ICE Time and Feel Good Fridays.








Time To Talk Day ...using our sign language.

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Expressive Arts


We have been listening to Gustav Holst’s planet music and creating our own pieces using our instruments. 

Some of us have been learning how to play an instrument in after school music club.



We have also been using our drama skills in literacy to help us empathise with a character. 


Our music inspired by Gustav Holst

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After school music club

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