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Summer Term 2


This half term, we continued our work with Arthur and the Golden Rope. We learnt that Arthur had to go and find the Viking God Thor to help him save his town from the wolf.

We have also written a recount text based on the Celtic festival that we held at the end of our topic.



We’ve had a very busy half term in Numeracy! We’ve learnt how to tell the time, draw and interpret charts, measure angles and plot co-ordinates! We’ve worked really hard all year and we’ve learnt lots of new maths skills.


We’ve now finished our topic, Tribe. We’ve loved learning all about the Celts and how they used to live. We’ve discovered that we would have belonged to the Demetae tribe. We’ve made Celtic coins and designed our own virtual hillforts on Minecraft Education.

We loved having our grownups join us for our Celtic festival. We taught them a traditional dance and danced to some war drumming music that we had composed earlier in the term.

Sports Day

We were finally able to hold Sports Day during the final week of term. We all enjoyed competing in the different events for our houses.

We also visited Blue Anchor Bowls Club and tried out bowls. We had a really fun afternoon. We even got to have an ice cream! 🍦

We’ve had an amazing year in Year 3/4 and developed as ambitious, capable learners, ethically informed citizens, healthy, confident individuals and enterprising, creative individuals.

Summer Term


This half term, we have been reading the book Arthur and the Golden Rope during our Literacy lessons. Arthur lives in Iceland and we spent the first few weeks finding out about Iceland and creating a holiday advert to persuade people to visit. We also studied how different characters in the book feel and took part in drama activities where we pretended to be members of an Icelandic town. We finished the term by writing a newspaper article about a wolf attacking the town in the story.



After Easter, we continued our work on fractions. Some of us also learnt how to write different fractions as decimals. Our main block of work focused on measures. We learnt about mass and capacity. We found out how to weigh items in grams and kilograms and the capacity of different containers using millilitres and litres. Towards the end of this half term, we started to learn about money and now know how to convert between pounds and pence and add money.



Our new topic this term is Tribe. We have already designed our own woad patterns and learnt how to read Roman numerals. We composed a piece of drumming music for a Celtic war dance and performed it together as a class. Nia from the Urdd came in to teach us three traditional Welsh dances that we will now try to put together with our own compositions. One of the highlights of our half term was our trip to Pen-y-Gaer Hillfort above Penclawdd. We got to visit the site of a real life Celtic Hillfort. We measured out the size of the fort and sketched what we thought it may have looked like.  We have now finished our EPIC planning and look forward to completing missions next half term.

Celtic war drums

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We enjoyed celebrating the coronation of King Charles with an afternoon tea party. Another highlight of our half term was a visit from Bronwen Lewis. Many of our class are members of the school choir and helped Bronwen compose a new school anthem.

Spring Term Part 2 in Year 34


In Literacy, we have been learning about instruction texts. We’ve written some instructions for how to look after a pet wolf. 

We’ve also continued to read King of the Sky by Nicola Davies. We’ve focused on poetry and performed the poem Sympathy. We’ve also written some free verse poetry of our own.


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Free verse poem

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This half term, we’ve learnt about fractions in our maths lessons. We now know how to find fractions of different shapes, add and subtract fractions, compare fractions and find fractions of objects.


We’ve now finished our topic,  Predator! We enjoyed inviting our grown ups in to share our learning with us. To finish our topic, we each created our own ultimate predator using all the knowledge that we’ve gained throughout the topic. We then wrote  letter to Longleat Safari Park to persuade them to adopt and look after our ultimate predator. 

The highlight of our topic was our end of term trip to Longleat. We had an  amazing time on safari. We saw tigers, lions, zebra, camels, cheetahs and monkeys! 🐯🐒🦁

St. David’s Day and World Book Day, Science Week, Choir

We all enjoyed taking part in different activities in our houses for both St. David’s Day and World Book Day. We’re looking forward to doing more work and competitions in our houses.

Our Science Sparks also did an amazing job at organising Science Week. Mrs. Davies came in to teach us all about mimicry. 

Many of the children in our class also performed in the Brangwyn Hall as part of the school choir.

Have a wonderful Easter Holidays everyone! Pasg Hapus

First half of Spring 2023

We’ve had a great first half of the Spring term in Year 3/4!


In Literacy, we have been writing learning about persuasive writing. We’ve written to zoo’s to tell them the reasons why some of their animals should not be kept in small spaces. We think we made some good arguments.

We’ve also been reading a book called King of the Sky by Nicola Davies. We’ve only read a couple of pages so far but we already know so much about the characters and setting. We’re looking forward to finding out what happens in the rest of the story.

King of the Sky

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So far this term, we’ve learnt how to do written methods of multiplication and division, measure in mm, cm and m and how to measure perimeter. We enjoyed practising our measuring skills in outdoor maths sessions.


Our topic this half term has been Predator! So far we’ve learnt about food chains, eating balanced diets and the main functions of the human skeleton. We loved creating (and eating) our own ultimate predator sandwiches. We had to design a sandwich which contained each type of food group. We have now finished our EPIC planning and have lots of exciting missions to complete.

The highlight of our half term was a visit from Plantasia. We learnt about consumers and different types of predators. We got to see and touch an African snail, millipede, frog, tarantula and a corn snake!

Safer Internet Day and Well-Being


We took part in Safer Internet Day in February. We found out about the pros and cons of screen time and how we can look after our well-being. We also discussed our online lives and know who to turn to if we ever need help with something online. We also took part in well-being day as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. We enjoyed our toast and chats with Mrs. Williams.

We’re looking forward to next half term, it’s new adventures and the new memories that we’ll make.

Our term so far….

We started our term with a trip to the Wetlands Centre. There, we learnt about pollution and how different types of pollution harm our local wildlife.

Our topic for the term is ‘On Our Doorstep’. We have already studied maps about the local area, learnt about some key features of a river and looked at types of housing in Penclawdd. We’ve done our EPIC planning and we have just started our independent missions.


We have been learning about explanation writing in our literacy lessons. We’ve learnt about the key features of this type of text and written our own explanation about the water cycle.


At the start of term, we did a lot of work on place value and made sure that we understood the value of different digits in a number. We’ve now moved on to using the column method to add and subtract numbers.



We’ve already competed a science investigation! We wanted to find out how plants transport nutrients. To investigate this, we placed some food colouring in a beaker with some water. We then added a stick of celery. We used three beakers, each with a different amount of food colouring, to see which celery would change the most. The celery with the most food colouring turned the darkest colour. This taught us that plants suck up nutrients from the ground. The more nutrients that are in a soil, the more they will suck up and the better they’ll be.

Other areas of learning

We’ve also enjoyed exploring lots of different artwork with Mrs. Williams. We’ve learnt about water colours and how to draw different types of birds.

In our Digital Skills lesson, we’ve learnt how to send an email and how to safely search for information. We used our creative skills to create this digital blog!

We’ve enjoyed many special days this term including World Mental Health Day, Shwmae Day and Harvest. We also learnt about important historical figures as part of Black History Month. At the end of term, we all enjoyed taking part in the Halloween disco.

We’re sure you’ll agree, we’ve had a very bust term!