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Science Sparks

2023 - 2024 Science Sparks 

This year's Science Sparks at our first meeting.

We have been busy planning World Science Day on the 10th November.

World Science Day 

Our Paper Planes !

The finalists and overall winner

Previous Science Sparks news and updates.....

Science Word of the moment!

The Science Sparks had their first meeting this term and we have some great plans ahead! 

On Thursday 10th November , we will be celebrating World Science Day. The Sparks will be delivering an assembly and all classes will be undertaking some work on a famous scientist, each class having a different one and pupils will produce a poster about their learning. The Science Sparks will then choose the best piece of work from each class and there will be a prize! 

On Friday 11th November, Mrs Vicky Davies, Chemistry teacher and mum to Ioan and Hywel, will visit us to provide us with a quick science demonstration ….we can’t wait! She will also announce the poster winners from each class. 

We will be arranging our visit to Gower Brewery soon too! 

Investigation areas are up and running in all classes and the Science Sparks will be helping to run these. 


Watch this space for further updates ! 


Meet our new Science Sparks !

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) influences nearly every part of our daily lives and is an area of industry set to burgeon in the future. As a result, it has already become an important aspect of our curriculum.


Rather than focusing on just subject knowledge, Penclawdd Primary School encourages children to develop their skill set by finding out about the world around them. Inquiry learning is made more relevant through real-life links and self-led problem-solving projects.


Listening to one another’s ideas and building upon what is said exposes children’s preconceived ideas, opens their eyes to alternatives and lets them find the truth of these. Taking turns and sharing are important contributions in developing a systematic approach to problem solving, building up thinking, patience and resilience. These skills are transferable into life inside the school as well as out. At Penclawdd Primary a creative cross-curricular approach ensures that AoLE`s are linked with purpose.


We are a huge advocate of STEM, which are key subjects for securing positive opportunities and career paths for future generations. Primary school is the perfect starting point to encourage children to explore and begin to understand and realise the links between these subjects and why we study them.


“STEM is needed in primary settings as we prepare children for jobs that don’t yet exist”

Our pupils love STEM and it is a highlight of our curriculum.

Science Week