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Eco Wombles

Welcome to our Eco Wombles

Designed by Nia Beynon -past pupil 


What do the Eco Wombles do?
The Eco Wombles helps our school to be more Eco friendly. This team works towards reducing the amount of energy we use in our school like electricity and water and re-using and recycling our essential resources like paper and plastic. Our goal is to have the smallest impact on the wider environment and look after the natural environment and wildlife in our school grounds. 


How can you be Eco friendly at home?
You can turn off the lights when you’re not in .You can also recycle, don’t waste paper and turn off the heating when you don’t need it on. You can save water by having showers instead of baths.


Who supports the Wombles 

The Womble Team is : Mrs Reynolds-Milnes, Mrs Beynon, Mr Howells and Mrs Smith. Our parent Womble is Beth Furlong

Eco team 2022-23

Our Womble Eco Code