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Autumn 2023

Autumn 2 


We have been super busy this half term - take a look at our fabulous learning…

School trip to the Cinema. We went on a whole school trip to the cinema to watch ‘Puss in Boots’. We were able to use this to help us with our recount writing.

Out and about! We went for a walk around our community so that we could see the route Penclawdd Railway would have taken. We even stood on the platform and imagined we were in the past - not the present day! We were kept safe by wearing our “life jackets!”

Circles - what can you see? How do you see it? We used Kandinsky’s art to help us with our understanding of circles - they are continuous - they are round - they have a circumference that is the same from all points! The discussion was incredible. We also understood tone with our creative painting - we can explain that adding white makes it light and adding black makes our paint darker.

We have worked on our jumping skills this half term. We continue to use our ‘gardens’ to develop our balance, running and strength with yoga. We played ‘floor is lava’ and pretended to be Spider-Man and transverse over the web! We LOVE a Monday PE day. We have also used the videos Mrs D takes to reflect and we have improved since watching ourselves.

Hedgehog Houses - We wanted to make hedgehog houses so Mrs D set us off and we designed and constructed a hedgehog house and a mouse house! We selected materials, worked out it needed a waterproof covering and understood that we were being kind citizens because we made ‘cosy houses’. We then built a den and observed - however, we didn't see anything because of course they are ‘nocturnal!’

We are curious learners and we carried out an investigation to see what material was the most absorbent. We ensured we made predictions, that our investigation was fair and we were able to articulate and record our results. Top scientists!

We have looked at different types of houses in Penclawdd. We had great discussion and we all now want to live in a bungalow - no hoovering of stairs! We were able to make a repeated pattern of the houses and name features of the different types of buildings we see in our home town!

Mission time! We had to design a new doughnut 🍩 for ‘The Cwtch’. The winning flavours were strawberry with sprinkles and chocolate orange - the ‘Cwtch’ are going to make them for us on the last day! Diolch yn Fawr!

Patterns - what a better way to embed our learning than making healthy fruit kebabs! We could repeat the patterns of the kebab and also say what we need to keep us healthy!

Sharing our learning with our families is so important - they get to see all we have learnt. Our model village of Penclawdd was exceptional and the children could name local businesses and find their own houses. Gwych!

Santa Claus in the caves! Our trip to Dan Yr Ogof caves was SO exciting. Not only did we find Father Christmas but we also had a wonderful tour of the dinosaurs and a wonderful train ride...well, we are not sure Mrs D enjoyed the train ride!!

Autumn 1 

Flamingo 🦩 Class Blog

Croeso Pawb! We loved welcoming our learners to our Flamiingo class...

Our topic ‘Cynefin’ - We have loved looking at where we live and we have focused on th e’Penclawdd Railway’. We have been able to use google maps to see what our village was like in the past and now in the present. We also made our very own ‘Penclawdd Railway’ station! Da iawn!

Our cynefin trip to the ‘Gower Heritage Centre’. We learnt all about the heritage of Gower and we were able to make our own prints of Penclawdd Railway. We spent time looking around the centre on a hunt for clues to help us learn more about Gower in the olden days! We loved our lunch too!!

We have mastered the skill of balancing in PE and we really love the challenge of all the ‘gardens’ to help us expand all our fundamental skills. Mrs D’s SKIP training at UWTSD has really helped us evolve as athletes!

We have loved making our own Penclawdd Steam train using a variety of 2D shapes. We can now tell you all about the properties of these shapes. Gwych!

Our outdoor area continues to evolve - this half term we have loved using our crates and wood to construct houses, trains and Rosa Park’s bus. We have also loved using our water wall and water trays. Our imagination has been ignited and we have led our own learning too. We are independent learners.

We are sound hunters! We love going outside to be active learners - our hands are continuing to become super strong too!

Music this half term has allowed us to explore volume and pace. We can now go fast and slow and loud and quiet. We love Miss Atwell time!

OOOO La la!! We have LOVED learning French this half term - we have focused on colours and can now confidently name prime colours in French, Welsh and of course English!

Black History Month enabled us to focus on Rosa Parks - our learning bowled over both Mrs D and Mrs Garcia. We designed our own kindness busses to ensure Rosa’s voice continues.

If you go down to the woods today you will see...a Rosa Parks bus, multilingual colour hunters and the strongest learners swinging from the high trees!

We ended our half term with a wonderful Harvest Service - we love representing our school and throughly enjoyed our trip to Tabernacle.