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Summer 2024

Summer 1. 
We have had a wonderful half term! It has been so lovely to see the better weather coming in. We have been able to be outside most days, exploring the outside environment and running and playing with each other. Numbers have been a hot topic this half term, with lots of interest and questions. The children love to count and we have started counting beyond 10 which has caused a great deal of excitement. We have a fabulous song that we sing in the mornings and the children have learnt all the words and actions to go with it! It’s a firm favourite. We have also been working on recognising numbers, playing splat games and pairs. 

Our writing area has become ever so popular and it’s wonderful see different children accessing it each day. There is a define buzz about creating something, writing a story, writing their names. I just love to see the children holding a pencil, pen, paint brush and creating something that is special to them! We’ve had planets, aeroplanes, houses, hotels. We are not short of wonderful imaginations in our Penguin class ❤️🐧

We have absolutely loved being outside this half term. We have been building dens, washing cars, making potions. All of these things helping to strengthen our gross motor skills. The children have also spent time in the park which they absolutely adore! We have some strong budding gymnasts in the class! Let’s hope the dry weather continues and we can enjoy being outside more next term. 

We’ve had some additions to our class this term in terms of tadpoles!! Aww! The children have been so caring towards them, wanting to check on them daily to see if they are growing into froglets. We discussed the life cycle of a frog also and the children loved cutting and sticking their own life cycle and frogs! We had a great time getting the pond ready for the tadpoles too. The children really enjoy being outside and getting stuck in! 

Have the best half term my little penguins! 🐧 I can’t wait to hear about your adventures next week! ❤️