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Safeguarding & Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection are key priorities for Penclawdd Primary School. We aim to support vulnerable children to ensure they are as safe as they can possibly be. Our school is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all children and will take action to safeguard their well-being. We acknowledge that children have a right to protection and this is supported in the general ethos of our school.


The school’s policy applies to the whole of the school’s workforce, along with volunteers, governors and any contractors working on the school site. In particular Staff recruitment and selection – ensuring that all staff (volunteers etc.) have been appropriately DBS checked for their suitability, using the Safe Recruitment procedures.


We work in partnership with outside agencies to safeguard children.


When there are concerns it may be necessary to make a referral to Children’s services.


At Penclawdd Primary we have a comprehensive safeguarding/child protection policy. All staff undertake safeguarding training that equips them to recognise and respond to child welfare concerns.


These concerns are then passed to the;


Designated Child Protection Officer : Mrs Louisa Reynolds-Milnes (Head Teacher)

or in her absence


Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer : Mrs Catherine Percival 

They follow strict guidelines on how to deal with any concerns as set out in the All Wales Child Protection Procedures.


The nominated Governor for Child Protection is : Mr Mark Thomas

What did Estyn say about our safeguarding procedures in November 2022? 


`The school promotes a culture of safety, empathy, care and support. There is an established system to report safeguarding concerns and the school makes timely referrals to outside agencies when appropriate. The school has a strong culture of safeguarding with clear arrangements for monitoring pupils’ attendance and punctuality`.