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Summer 2024

Scream if you want to go faster!

Our topic, this term, is ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ and we have been focused on the Science and Technology AoLE. We have thoroughly enjoyed awakening our imagination by immersing ourselves in the sight, sound, smell, taste and feel of the theme park and rollercoaster as well as learning the science behind a rollercoaster! We had an amazing visit to the Immersive Suite in Swansea University to experience a theme park and rollercoaster and our ride on the Big Wheel in Mumbles was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed watching Wonder Park to remind ourselves that anything is possible when you use your imagination and love experiencing the taste and smell of a theme park by sampling corn dogs, chocolate apples, popcorn and candy floss! If you haven’t tried a corn dog, you really need to give them a whirl! Delicious! Next term, we are looking forward to learning more about forces and are excited to design, test and modify our rollercoasters for our theme park and can’t wait to launch it to our grown ups! We will also be looking at the environmental impact of theme parks and considering how we can keep our theme park environmentally friendly! What an exciting term! 

Science and Technology - A trip to the Immersive Suite at Swansea University

Science and Technology - A ride on the Big Wheel in Mumbles

Science and Technology - Awakening our senses whilst watching Wonder Park

Science and Technology - Investigating levers

Expressive arts - How will you look when experiencing g-force?

Health and Well-Being - Cycle Proficiency

Health and Well-Being/Maths and Numeracy - Outdoor Maths

Health and Well-Being - Developing our courtyard